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Gun Control: The truth Democrats won’t tell Granite Staters about HB 1589  (by Kim Morin, a Massachusetts ex-pat now living in NH

  1. First, “Criminals don’t obey gun laws” is a really dumb argument.
  2. Next, you only need a good sample to form statistical conclusions, and the study doesn’t have to be in NH to have merit. The author is correct that the one study is old. We currently don’t know how many because private sales are mostly made via the Internet now.
  3. Current standard of law in private sales—If the seller doesn’t “believe” the buyer is a prohibited person—is uninformed and unenforceable, IE try proving it in court.  Furthermore, the easiest way to tell if somebody is prohibited from  acquiring a firearm is to have a background check.
  4. If we already have universal background checks this law would be irrelevant and would change nothing. So why then is the author so against the bill if it doesn’t change anything?
  5. As the sellers who do this are already “criminals” I’m sure the author wouldn’t mind sting operations on www.ARMSLIST.com/classifieds/new-hampshire
  6. I really wish the author would learn how statistics work. See author’s 62% complaint. Don’t need to have an ENTIRE population to form a statistical conclusion. Representative sample is good enough usually.
  7. The only people stopped by background checks are criminals, terrorists, and the mentally ill, (…so that poll question is fine)
  8. Author fails to mention that MA has a population 6x larger than NH, so the direct number comparison of crime guns is bogus.
  9. Gasp, NH might be headed to an evil gun registry, like the one the founding fathers instituted.



Bill to get undocumented immigrants licensed to drive and insured; not access to social safety net H.3285

This legislation was filed by Sen Pat Jehlen and Rep. Farley-Bouvier. It is designed to ensure that all drivers in Massachusetts are licensed, safe, and insured. It will establish a special driver’s license for those who are unable to provide a social security number but who receive driver’s education, pass a driving test, and carry insurance. This license will be visually distinct from standard driver’s licenses and will not be valid for identification purposes. These licenses will confer driving privileges only, and will not help people receive welfare, food stamps, or other benefits of citizenship. They will also need to be renewed more often than standard driver’s licenses and will be invalidated if the holder is driving a car without insurance.

Link to Bill: http://www.malegislature.gov/Bills/188/House/H3285 H. 3285

(Source: patjehlen.org)


Re: Gov Patrick passes on outsourcing jobs by @GlobeScotLehigh

DefenseAgainstWho 01/24/14 10:05 AM

Scott, When government does a study it waits or pays for the results it wants. Remember the Iraq war which was sold to us because one agency in 37 said Iraq was sponsoring terrorist? Hand picking in government is all too common. Sending this work to another state does just that. Send the work, wages and taxes paid by Massachusetts residents to another state which in turn raises their employment stats, wages and feeds their economy. Scott, you are a solid columnist but I am sure the Globe could find someone cheaper. Not my goal I assure you. Massachusetts allowed CGI (Canadian company) to build a health exchange to replace a health exchange already in place. How well did that work out. Not well. The application does not work; the money left the state a very small percentage of the CGI workforce lives in Massachusetts. But lots in India. This privatization model you speak of does not work. I have managed contracts in Washington for years and. I know government contracting better that most. I don’t like to speak in absolute terms however I will now; outsourcing is never cheaper than keeping the work in house. Government contracts are won low and sustained high. Whatever cost savings is achieved in the first bid is lost in the second, after the government does not have the ability to take over the work which was farmed out. Privatization is not the answer to lowering costs to run a government.

source: http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/editorials/2014/01/24/governor-patrick-whiffs-pacheco-law/Np7uS763kIHbIxfvkLXRpN/


The shame of our military families avoidable suffering. @faris007 & @walkforwarriors discuss

On Friday, 900,000 vets will get their food stamps cut http://t.co/Wsfvip0xTc http://t.co/vs28EK5CtG @RepPaulRyan #wiunion

@walkforwarriors: It is disgraceful. Hypocricy and tone deafness.

@faris007: And yet Veterans blindly support these losers without critical scrutiny. Is it b/c of hate for Pres Obama? 

@walkforwarriors: More disdain than hate, Faris.

@faris007: I cannot fathom either sentiment. This Prez catching it from all sides. I pray every day for my country. 

@faris007: @RepPaulRyan I have six junior soldiers who get food stamps and are on WIC.Our unit providing turkeys for Xmas. 

@walkforwarriors: I know of Marine families here at Camp Pendleton who are in the same boat. How can this be?

@faris007:  7 years ago I was in same boat. Got a second job while in uniform as a night watchman. Tough! Good now 

@faris007: Yet we give billions of $ to foreign countries. And cry over social programs costing too much!!! 

@faris007: Lived in Barracks; worked nights; still max’d my PT test scores/marksmanship.And saved every penny. 

@faris007: Now I’m an E8; going to school evenings so I can have a job when I retire from mil service. 

@walkforwarriors: I wish you best of luck, Faris. Nothing will be easy but nothing worthwhile ever is.

@faris007: Yes,sir. That’s what I believe as well. 


It’s pretty clear Common Core is NOT ABOUT the resources needed to succeed.

Kids at well-to-do suburban schools do exceedingly well against global competition on international reading and math exams. The U.S. average is dragged down to middling, or worse, in the global rankings by its high concentration of high-poverty schools.

And some parents who live in those communities say they don’t understand how higher standards will automatically lift their children to higher achievement.

“It’s not so much that I oppose higher standards for our children. We definitely need improvement,” said Karran Harper Royal, whose 17-year-old son attends a charter school in New Orleans. “The issues I have with Common Core have more to do with the lack of real supports to help our most challenged children reach those standards.”

Smarick, the education consultant, said he would advise Duncan and other Common Core supporters to deal with the dissent by sticking to upbeat talking points.

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"The Test of Labor’s Appeal" by John Nichols of The Nation

November 5, 2013

But the real test of labor’s renewed appeal will come in Boston.

Boston mayoral candidate Marty Walsh is a union man. And that does not sit well with much of media and political elites that have tried to suggest that a former union leader — as opposed to a corporate CEO — might bring biases to the job. In fact, Walsh brings strengths. He knows how to negotiate, he knows how to get a fair deal, and he actually think it’s important to respect workers.

But that hasn’t stopped his opponents — supporters of “school choice” image

experiments, corporate interests, traditionally Republican donors — from spending heavily to rip Walsh’s record as a labor activist, even going so far as to issue a video attacking the former head of the Boston Building Trades for rallying in solidarity with Wisconsin workers when Governor Scott Walker was attacking them in 2011.

Walsh was behind in the polls initially but he’s closed the gap as Bostonians have become aware of how his opponent, fellow Democrat John Connolly, has earned the backing of conservative Republicans. A recent Boston Globe headline read: “For Republicans, Connolly is the Democrat of choice. In Boston’s mayoral race, GOP donors shy from Walsh and his labor background.”

If Walsh wins as a proud union man, that victory will send a signal about the growing recognition on the part of voters that we need more leaders who are committed to protect the rights of working people, their unions, public services and public education.

John Nichols

posted on BillMoyers.com

Tags: MartyWalsh

The election is over @BrianFarnkoff — paid DC consultant for @JohnRConnolly — move on.


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Boston School Bus Driver Wildcat Strike


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